Warrior lite Train-the Trainer Competency Quiz

To complete training, please take the competency quiz. You must correctly answer 80% of the questions to pass it. Upon successful completion, you will be able to downland the course completion certificate. A few important notes:

1). There are 58 questions yet only 55 are graded. Therefore, to pass the quiz you need to answer correctly at least 44 questions.

2). The questions include the following categories: Performance Specifications (8 questions), Systems Components (10), Assembly & Operations (12), Messages & Troubleshooting (9), Cleaning, Battery Charging, Maintenance & Support (8) Regulatory & Safety (6), and Training Proficiency (5).

3). The last 3 questions are not graded; they help us to improve our training efficiency. We will be happy to provide you with feedback on these questions as well. Thanks for assisting!

4). Please allow for sufficient time to take the quiz (~60 minutes). Your answers should be saved every 20 seconds if you need to take a break or continue at a later time.

5). There is no time limit and also the number of repetitions is currently not restricted

6). You can review the accuracy of your responses after submitting

7). Feel free to have the Instructions For Use (IFU) next to you when you take the quiz. This may be helpful on some of the questions. For your convenience, the IFU is added to the quiz materials (select the version that applies to you)

Any questions? Please reach out to us at training@qinflow.com

Instructions For Use (IFU):