Warrior & Warrior AC VS Rapid Infusers

Warrior ACRapid Infusers (Generic Comparison)
Key FunctionWarmer only (external pump can be added if needed)Both pump and warmer
Max Delivery Rate at 4°C Input290 ml/min~500 ml/min and possibly higher
Time from Starting Setup To Getting Body Temperature Fluids/Blood30 seconds5-10 minutes typically
Level of Training RequiredLowIntense
Operations and TroubleshootingEasyOften complex and time consuming
Priming Volume19 mlSignificant priming volume (e.g. 100 ml in one example)
Typical LimitationsNonePediatric below 20Kg requiring small catheter (e.g. 22 gauge or smaller)
Portability (Battery Option for Warming Function)YesNo
Continuum of Care Proposition (Transfer Disposable with Patient from Field to Surgery)YesNo
Service RequirementsInspection in 5 years; no calibration is requiredMonthly service call and calibration
Capital InvestmentLowVery significant
Disposable PriceLowVery significant