What is the Priming Volume of Each Hospital Warmer (ml)?

enFlow™buddy lite™ ACWarrior ACWarrior & Warrior EXTREMEHotline®Ranger® (pediatric set)Ranger® (standard set)Ranger® (high flow set)
Priming Volume (ml)47.51919202039150
CommentsSee note [1]See note [2]Up to 44ml

[1] Optional IV extension set): 0.5 ml.

[2] 4ml without tubing, 7.5ml with valves and tubing at the input and output.
DISCLAIMERS: The table above compares selected product attributes of several hospital-based blood/IV warmers, including buddy lite™ AC (a registered trademark of Belmont® Medical Technologies), enFlow® (a registered trademark of Vyaire™ Medical), Hotline® (a registered trademark of Smiths Medical, which is part of the global technology business Smiths Group plc), and Ranger™ (a registered trademark of 3M™), with those of the Warrior and Warrior AC configurations (manufactured by Quality In Flow, or QinFlow). Quality in Flow is not affiliated with any of the other manufacturers above. The benchmarking is based on publicly available information and/or the respective device’s Instructions for Use (IFU) / User Manual, where applicable. The IFU / User Manual used for this study many not be the latest version. Further, the IFUs / User Manuals used for this study may be changed by the manufacturers as the products evolve; QinFlow may not know about such updates and in any event does not undertake to update the information in the table upon such changes. Unless stated differently, the benchmark information was commissioned by QinFlow alone and not all data points were independently verified. The manufacturers above were not part of this benchmark study. Use of the Warrior is subject to QinFlow’s terms of use. This benchmark study does not intend to cover all the differences between the devices. QinFlow does not guarantee that any of the devices, including its own, will achieve the results or perform as mentioned in the benchmark study. QinFlow only warrants the information published in its IFUs (performance data points above are in accordance with the CE marks of each Warrior configuration; for FDA-cleared IFU, where applicable, contact QinFlow). Please contact the respective manufacturers for clarifications.

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