CODAN & QinFlow Collaborate to Infuse Warm Blood Faster in Emergency Situations

Plano, September 28, 2021 – QinFlow, the manufacturer of the Warrior line of top-performance and portable blood and IV fluid warming solutions for the entire continuum of emergency care, is proud to announce that the Warrior line has now been validated to effectively and safely warm rapid intermittent flows like those generated by CODAN’s new high-flow hand pump.

The transfer of blood and blood components has become indispensable in everyday clinical practice, and CODAN has accumulated over 60 years of experience in designing transfusion sets for blood and blood components that are suitable for gravity and pressure administration (with compatible volumetric infusion pumps) as well as for pressure cuff driven transfusion applications. Recently, CODAN completed the development of a new high-flow hand pump transfusion set, catalog number B8021-TF. This new hand pump has been designed to deliver blood to the sickest patients more effectively, especially in the prehospital settings, where rapid infusion options are fairly limited. Since a particular service provider contemplates to use the products together, CODAN and QinFlow collaborated to validate that the Warrior blood warmer can keep up and effectively warm blood/fluids to body temperature despite the rapid pulsation flows that the new infuser generates.

Following the validation process, the Warrior line now verifiably warms blood/fluids to body temperature, even when rapid intermittent flows of very cold fluids are applied via CODAN’s high-flow hand pump, within the manufacturer’s guidelines for use (see disclaimers below). “It’s not our job to tell our customers how to infuse blood/fluids to patients; however, if they select to use rapid intermittent infusion methods such as the one provided by the new CODAN high-flow hand pump, they should be excited to learn that the Warrior has been validated for this challenging task”, explains Ariel Katz, CEO of QinFlow Inc.

Mike Thompson, President and CEO of CODAN, Inc., says: “We developed the new high-flow hand pump in order to help save lives in critical settings. Our vision is that this new high-flow hand pump will support EMS providers to deliver blood/fluids at the right flow and temperature when used with the Warrior to meet the customer requirements. We would like to thank the QinFlow team for investing in the validation that determined that the Warrior device can cope with the intermittent flows that our new high-flow pump generates. Together, we believe we are delivering the optimal patient outcomes for blood/fluid infusing and warming. This collaboration between CODAN and QinFlow underscores, once again, the critical importance of an open dialogue between industry players for the purpose of achieving breakthrough improvements in standard of care.”

We feel privileged to support CODAN on this project”, replies Mr. Katz. He explains: “New field requirements like the one presented to us by CODAN allow us to improve our products so that emergency personnel that rely on our solutions will be able to deliver the best possible care to their sickest patients. Therefore, we viewed it as our responsibility to proactively engage in this validation effort for the benefits of the diverse communities that we help serve.”

Mr. Katz goes on to explain the challenge associated with warming fluids infused intermittently: “Rapid, intermittent flow changes pose great challenges on traditional blood and IV fluid warmers, which were typically designed to handle constant flows generated by gravity, pressure bag, or electro-mechanical pump. To our knowledge, our technology is the only technology in the market that possesses all the prerequisites to effectively warm rapid intermittent flows, such as real-time sensing, superb heat-transfer efficiency, relaxed heat exchange process, and highly robust mechanical structure.” Mr. Katz continues: “We designed our cutting-edge warming platform (patented) to be flexible enough so that we can promptly and effectively validate it against the ever-evolving clinical requirements and use scenarios. Our aluminum-free fluid path and affordable consumable design provide additional layers of safety and commercial incentives, respectively. The bottom line is that the Warrior portable solutions deliver the best performance at the lowest cost of ownership; a true win-win approach. Now, with the completion of the validation process for intermittent flows, this price-performance gap is becoming larger than ever”, he concludes.

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About QinFlow

Since 2009 QinFlow (short for Quality in Flow) has worked to develop and perfect a proprietary fluid warming technology (patented) that delivers unparalleled levels of warming efficiency. The company’s flagship line of products – the Warrior – provides front-end rescue teams, first responders, critical care transport teams, and emergency care professionals within the hospital with a high performance, reliable, simple to operate, and completely portable blood and IV fluid warming device that operates flawlessly in all environmental conditions in order to fight hypothermia and help in saving lives. QinFlow is headquartered in Rosh Ha’ayin (Israel) and Plano TX (USA). For more information on QinFlow and the Warrior modular system, visit For more information regarding this press release and about our guidelines and disclaimers concerning the warming of intermittent flows, contact us at


Known throughout the industry as “The decisive connection,” CODAN is recognized amongst users as a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, resulting from more than 60 years of research and development.  As a global partner to the medical device industry with Danish roots and production sites in five countries, CODAN contributes to the safe care of patients worldwide through reliable and innovative solutions in the fields of infusion and transfusion therapy.  The CODAN product range is the result of a consistent development policy based on market demand.  The foundation is a continued evaluation of the clinical requirements, together with extensive training and regular exchange of knowledge and experience between practitioners and CODAN.


  • This Press Release does not serve as a recommendation to use CODAN high-flow hand pump nor any other flow-inducing method. This decision remains at the sole discretion of the clinician.
  • The Warrior configurations should be used in accordance with the applicable Instructions For Use (IFU) and labelling. In any case of conflict, the IFU guidelines shall govern. Users seeking to operate the devices in tandem with the CODAN high-flow hand pump should be familiar with each device/method use instructions, which should be followed at all times.
  • Contact QinFlow to learn about the guidelines and limitations of using the Warrior with CODAN B8021-TF.

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