The AC Power Supply Module has been launched

The Warrior’s AC Power Supply Module is CE approved!

Equipped with both battery and the AC Power Supply Module, the Warrior is now uniquely positioned to address the blood and IV warming needs across the entire continuum of emergency care. Key benefits of the continuum of care offering include:

  • Battery-operable mode during transport: from the point of injury to the hospital; between emergency settings within the hospital; between hospitals
  • AC-operable mode in defined emergency settings: e.g. ED, trauma, OR, and ICU
  • Utmost flexibility: seamlessly switch between battery and AC operable modes, as needed
  • Unmatched performance: hospital-grade solution in a prehospital chassis (i.e. light and portable); warm near-freeze fluids to body temperature within seconds, even at high flows
  • Simplicity: a one-button operation that minimizes the likelihood of human errors; no dedicated staff; simple training
  • No maintenance: no calibration; no spare parts
  • Improved ROI: same disposable unit can be used across the entire continuum of emergency care

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