BMJ-published independent study confirms: the Warrior’s performance is superior

A recently-published independent study compared the performance of Buddy Lite, Thermal Angel, enFlow, and Warrior. The study measured the performance of the devices at two-fluid incoming temperatures (10 and 20 degrees Celsius) and three flow rates (50, 100, and 200 mL/min). 

The researchers reported that they “found significant differences between the fluid warmers”. They concluded that:

“The Warrior provides the best warming performance at high infusion rates, as well as low input temperatures, and was able to warm the largest volumes in these conditions”.

They also concluded that:

“The use of the Buddy Lite should be limited to moderate input temperature and low flow rates,” and that “the use of the Thermal Angel is limited to low volumes due to battery capacity and low output temperature at extreme conditions”.

The researchers recommended that due to the significant differences between the devices, “clinicians should be aware of the limitations of each device to best match it to the planned clinical use.”


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