Is It Possible to Warm 12 (Twelve!) Units of Blood with a Single Battery Charge?

Well, 12 units of blood with a single battery charge seems a bit more than what we formally publish about our Warrior device. However, this is what Dr. Stuart Cox — Medical Director at Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance in the UK — shared with us just recently. His exact words were as follows: “We have used a significant amount of blood in the last few days including 12 units yesterday in one patient on one battery!”

Dr. Stuart Cox also shared with us the team’s feedback after testing our latest intermittent (bolus) flow release. He said: “We are impressed, it’s a step closer to perfection!”.

Thank you Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance for your trust in the Warrior! We are commitTed to continue perfecting our blood warming solutions!


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