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Warrior lite is used to help saving lives in Ukraine!

A picture is worth a thousands words… We are proud that our Warrior lite has [...]

“I think this will be the most significant step we have made in trauma care in the field in a hundred years”

(Quote by: Peter Antevy, Medical Director, PBC Fire-Rescue) Chapeau to Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue for [...]

*** Assist the Life-Saving Efforts of The Global Surgical and Medical Support Group in Ukraine ***

(Images courtesy of GSMSG) We are proud that our Chairman, Dr. John Holcomb, is working [...]

Is It Possible to Warm 12 (Twelve!) Units of Blood with a Single Battery Charge?

Well, 12 units of blood with a single battery charge seems a bit more than [...]

The Warrior Line of Blood/Fluid Warmers Is Approved for Distribution In Canada

PETAH TIKVA, Israel – Dec. 20, 2021 — QinFlow, the manufacturer of the Warrior line of top-performance and [...]

Why Does Blood Need to Be Warmed?

I’m a big believer in knowing why you are doing something and not just following [...]

COVID: Weak Points Exposed and Lessons Learned

Saying that the past two years have been unpredictable is an understatement. In the winter [...]

10 Reasons Why Your Agency Needs To Carry Whole Blood

Medicine has improved a lot, especially pre-hospital. However, hemorrhagic shock still accounts for about 40% [...]