Blood & IV Fluid Warming Solutions for the Entire Continuum of Care

High Performance Simple To Use Portable AC Power Source Affordable Safe Maintenance Free

Point Of Injury

Every second counts at the point of injury. Therefore, first responders (EMS, Fire Departments, HEMS, Tactical Teams, Search & Rescue Teams, etc.) must rely on…


Pre-Hospital Transports

Air and ground pre-hospital transports must rely on equipment that on the one hand is lightweight, portable, failsafe to assemble, easy to operate, and highly reliable…


Hospital Emergency

In the hospital’s emergency settings, simplicity of operation, immediate warming, high performance, and portability are core requirements…


Surgery & ICU

In the hospital’s surgery and ICU settings, simplicity of operation, high performance, and commercial affordability are core requirements. The Warrior AC was designed…



Armed forces have diverse operational requirements: points of injury, ground and air critical care transports, and field hospitals, to name just a few…


When Every Second Counts, You Can Count on the Warrior Line of Blood & IV Fluid Warmers…

Whether you resuscitate a patient at the point of injury, during patient transport, within the hospital’s emergency settings (emergency department, trauma bay, surgery, and intensive care unit), or possibly even in a harsh combat environment, the Warrior modular system is designed to address all your operational and clinical needs. Key properties of the Warrior line include simple (failsafe) assembly, immediate warming, unmatched delivery rate, unique bolus flow handling capability, power source flexibility (battery and AC operable), continuum of care proposition, and — as importantly — affordable per-use cost, to name just a few. Our solution is aluminum free.

Unique Benefits Embedded in a Simple “Unplug / Re-plug” Concept…

The Warrior line opens unique life-saving opportunities for healthcare systems that operate both in the prehospital and the hospital spaces. By implementing the Warrior in multiple settings (e.g. air/ground transport platforms, ED, trauma, and surgery), these organizations can now simplify patients’ handoff between settings, and by that save precious time in environments where every second counts. Moreover, these organizations can benefit also from reduced total cost of ownership, simply because the same consumable travels with the patients between each healthcare setting; a genuine win-win approach. We term this unique property as “The Unplug/Re-Plug Program”; that is, disconnect the patient from one Warrior device (“Unplug”) and reconnect him or her to the next Warrior device (“Re-Plug”) while keeping the same disposable unit connected to the patient. This equals better care at a reduced cost of ownership.

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