Unified Solution for All Military Emergency Settings Simplifies Patients’ Handoffs between Settings and Reduces Cost…

Armed forces have diverse operational requirements: points of injury, ground and air transports, far-forward surgery teams, and field hospitals, to name just a few. The Warrior provides an optimal configuration to each such setting. For example, the Warrior lite fits the space and weight constrained rescue gears, the Warrior lite with Extra Power battery or the Warrior EXTREME fit transports missions, and the Warrior Hybrid fits far-forward surgery teams and field hospitals.

The common denominator for all configurations is the disposable unit, that moves with the patient from one setting to the next, thus simplifying patient’s handoff between settings and reducing overall cost (less consumables are needed). In all settings, the Warrior configurations entail significantly higher delivery rate compared with any other modern battery- and AC-operable solutions*.

Furthermore, the Warrior configurations are better designed to handle Rapid bolus flows generated through push-pull resuscitation techniques (e.g. hand pump, pressing by hand, LifeFlow-like devices, etc.). In addition, and where applicable, the Warrior configurations adhere with Safe to Fly and Airworthiness requirements and can be operated with night vision goggles or in silent mode. Finally, the Warrior configurations offer considerably lower per-use cost compared with all modern battery-operable warmers; a true win-win. These capabilities, therefore, position the Warrior configurations as the ideal blood/IV fluid warming platform for armed forces.

* Rapid infusers excluded

Recommended Warrior Configurations

Warrior lite


Delivering high performance, yet compact and light, the Warrior lite is an optimal configuration for space and weight constrained rescue gears, first responders, and pre-hospital transports.

The Warrior lite offers two battery configurations for optimal operational fit: the lite battery (170ml/min; up to 1.3 liters of near freeze blood/IV fluids; 800g) and the Extra Power battery (180ml/min; up to 3 liters of near freeze blood/IV fluids; 1.1kg).

The Warrior lite utilizes the same disposable unit that is used by all other Warrior configurations.

Warrior & Warrior EXTREME


With its unmatched performance, the Warrior is an ideal blood/IV fluid warming solution for mid- to long-haul pre-hospital and critical care transports as well as for emergency departments that advocate simplicity and portability. Its performance makes a huge difference in environments in which aggressive bolus flows are applied in an intermittent fashion.

The Warrior EXTREME is the ruggedized version of the Warrior Base Unit, for harsh (combat) operating environments. The performance of both devices is identical. The key differences are in the certification and compliance framework. More specifically, the Warrior EXTREME complies with MIL-STD 461G RE102 and RS103 and certified for higher Ingress Protection (IP) rating (IP56).

The Warrior and Warrior EXTREME share the same accessories, and they utilize the same disposable unit that is used by all other Warrior configurations.

Warrior Hybrid


As the name implies, the Warrior Hybrid provides both battery and AC operable blood and IV fluid warming configurations. This makes it an ideal solution for emergency departments, trauma units, and integrated healthcare systems (i.e. combined prehospital & in-hospital emergency teams operating under the same roof). The Warrior Hybrid features non-compromising warming performance, simplicity of operation, and seamless transition between AC and battery operable modes, and vice versa.

The Warrior and the Warrior AC configurations can be upgraded to the Warrior Hybrid configuration by adding an AC Power Supply Module or battery, respectively.

The Warrior Hybrid utilizes the same disposable unit that is used by all other Warrior configurations.

Warrior AC


The Warrior AC is a top performance yet simple-to-operate blood and IV fluid warmer for operating rooms and intensive care units.

If portability is required, the Warrior AC configurations can be easily upgraded to the Warrior Hybrid configuration by simply adding a battery.

The Warrior AC utilizes the same disposable unit that is used by all other Warrior configurations.

“The Warrior provides the best warming performance at high infusion rates, as well as low input temperatures, and was able to warm the largest volumes in these conditions.”

Comparison of the performance of battery-operated fluid warmers; Amit Lehavi,1,2 Avraham Yitzhak,3 Refael Jarassy,3 Rami Heizler,1 Yeshayahu (Shai) Katz,1,2 Aeyal Raz1,4; Emergency Medicine Journal; doi:10.1136/emermed-2017-207112

Why Warrior?

The Warrior line is being used across the entire continuum of care by first responders, ground providers, air medical transports, hospital’s Emergency Departments, Trauma bays, Surgery, and Intensive Care units to warm RBC, whole blood, plasma, and clear fluids. The Warrior line provides unique advantages to these users, which are listed below. When every second counts, the Warrior makes a huge difference:

Warming Solutions for the Entire Continuum of Care

High Performance Simple To Use Portable AC Power Source Affordable Safe Maintenance Free

Point Of Injury

Every second counts at the point of injury. Therefore, first responders (EMS, Fire Departments, HEMS, Tactical Teams, Search & Rescue Teams, etc.) must rely…


Pre-Hospital Transports

Air and ground pre-hospital transports must rely on equipment that on the one hand is lightweight, portable, failsafe to assemble, easy to operate, and highly reliable…


Hospital Emergency

In the hospital’s emergency settings, simplicity of operation, immediate warming, high performance, and portability are core requirements…


Surgery & ICU

In the hospital’s surgery and ICU settings, simplicity of operation, high performance, and commercial affordability are core requirements. The Warrior AC was designed…



Armed forces have diverse operational requirements: points of injury, ground and air critical care transports, and field hospitals, to name just a few…


Keeping Trauma Patients Warm Is Critical!

Thermal management is a key component in the survivability rates of trauma patients. Our mission is to completely eliminate the challenges of warming blood and IV fluid from the entire continuum of emergency care so that emergency care professionals will be able to focus on what they do best- saving lives.

Illustrative Warrior Users

Joseph D. Love
Associate Professor of Surgery, McGovern Medical at UTHealth
Read More
We've been able to use the Warrior on a few occasions. So far, fantastic response!
Wren Nealy
CEO, Cypress Creek EMS (CCEMS)
Read More
We are having amazing success and save cases this past year [2020]. Just last week we infused a unit of WARMED LTOWB in 2 min [250ml/min]. The patient received 3 on-the-ground and 2 in flight and survived a non-survivable GSW [gunshot wound] to the chest!
Matt Harmon
Classical Air Medical, Rawlins, WY
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Easy to use, durable and extremely fast fluid/blood warmer! Great for the transport environment.
SOF Surgeon
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I have never seen any portable blood and IV fluid warmer that approximates the performance of the Warrior... The warming range, warming speed, flow rates and battery capacity are outstanding... Well done!
Timothy J. Hutchinson
MD, MCR Air Link
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The Warrior works as advertised.
Eric Bank
LP Assistant Chief of EMS, HCESD48, Katy TX
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We had a multiple gunshot wound patient on Saturday with a blood pressure in the 60s. Got whole blood via the Warrior with a hand off to Life Flight and their Warrior worked great - hand off was seamless.
Rodolfo (Rudy) Cabrera
Chief Flight Nurse, Memorial Hermann Life Flight, TX USA
Read More
It is a great warming device. Makes a difference in patient outcomes. Well designed and I have not one thought of changing to another project.

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