Warrior & Warrior EXTREME (Damien)

With its unmatched performance, the Warrior is an ideal blood/IV fluid warming solution for mid- to long-haul pre-hospital transports, inter-facility transports, and hospital’s emergency departments that advocate simplicity and portability. Its high performance level makes a huge difference in environments in which rapid bolus flows are applied in an intermittent fashion by push-pull or hand pump resuscitation methods.

The Warrior EXTREME is the DoD version of the Warrior Base Unit. The performance of both devices is identical. The key differences are in the certification and compliance framework: the Warrior EXTREME complies with MIL-STD 461G RE102 and RS103 and certified for higher Ingress Protection (IP) rating (IP56 vs. IP33).

The Warrior and Warrior EXTREME share the same accessories, and they utilize the same disposable unit that is used by all other Warrior configurations.