The Warrior’s ‘Continuum-of-Care’ Approach Excites the Industry

With the introduction of the AC module (undergoing final regulatory approvals), the Warrior is capable of transforming the blood and IV fluid warming market and delivering a comprehensive solution for the entire continuum of care; i.e. from the most challenging points of injury, through the various transport platforms (aerial, terrestrial), and eventually within the most demanding hospital environments (ERs, ORs, and ICUs). By doing so, it allows doctors, paramedics, medics and nurses to focus on what they do best; that is, saving lives!

For the prehospital teams, the Warrior offers unmatched combination of warming range, warming speed and flow rates. In fact, the Warrior is the only portable (i.e. battery operated) blood and IV fluids warming device that is capable of warming fluids from any input temperature to body temperature in real time (that is, within a few seconds). The same results will be achieved from very low (KVO) to very high flow rates: the Warrior is capable of warming fluids from 4°C to 37°C (39.2°F to 98.6°F) within a few seconds, even at flow rates of 200ml/min. NOTE: an AC-operable Warrior device is capable of providing up to 290ml/min at warming range of 4°C to 37°C (39.2°F to 98.6°F).

Furthermore, the Warrior offers unmatched amount of warm fluids per single battery: when fully charged, the Warrior’s battery will deliver up to 5 liters (170 fl oz) of warm fluids at 20°C (68°F) fluid input temperature and up to 3 liters (105 fl oz) of warm fluids at 4°C (39.2°F) fluid input temperature, irrespective of flow rates.

In the hospital environment, the Warrior provides unmatched operational simplicity and power-source flexibility. Regarding the former, the Warrior is simple to operate (a single button) and trouble-shoot and it does not require calibration nor preventive maintenance (merely cleaning). Regarding the latter, the Warrior is the only hospital solution that provides true portability. It also allows to smoothly switch between AC- and battery-operability without compromising on performance. In the hospital setting, this flexibility improves overall care by facilitating warm fluid delivery even during transport within the hospital premises.

Finally, by supporting the entire continuum of care, not only that the Warrior allows for improved care but it also provides an opportunity for improved cost of ownership. For example, the same disposable unit can be used across the entire evacuation and treatment route. Further, less amount of SKUs is typically translated into reduced logistic burden: (i) reduced amount of spare parts, (ii) reduced cost of maintenance, (iii) reduced cost of training, and (iv) improved economies of scale, among other saving opportunities.

Due to the unique qualities described above, the Warrior is currently being used on a daily basis by multiple segments of the civil and military prehospital and hospital realms: HEMS/EMS, Search & Rescue (SAR), ER, OR and ICU environments.

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