QinFlow’s Warrior is proud to be 100% aluminum-free

A recent study concluded that “using uncoated aluminium plates in fluid‐warming systems can lead to a risk of administering potentially harmful concentrations of aluminium when balanced crystalloid solutions are used” and that “even in a coated warming device, aluminium concentrations are detectable, but remain below the limit of quantification, LOQ (i.e. our methodology does not have the ability to differentiate between the concentrations we measured and the FDA threshold)” (Aluminium release by coated and uncoated fluid‐warming devicesT. Perl, N. Kunze‐Szikszay, A. Bräuer, M. Quintel, A. L. Röhrig, K. Kerpen  U. Telgheder).

If you are concerned with aluminum warming, worry not: The Warrior cutting-edge warming technology is 100% aluminum-free.

It is made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel and it will warm near-freeze blood and fluids to body temperature at unmatched speed and safety, even at very high flow rates. This is an opportunity to switch to a next-generation warming technology that not only warms blood and fluids in a fast, safe, and simple-to-operate fashion but also uniquely allows for a complete continuum-of-care approach to patient warming (both battery and AC operable). 

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