QinFlow and Life-Assist Complete Onboarding of Distribution Partnership for Warrior Blood and IV Fluid Warmers

PLANO, Texas – June 16, 2023 – QinFlow Inc. and Life-Assist have completed integration of a distribution partnership for the Warrior line of high-performance yet portable blood and IV fluid warming devices. This new partnership will further support emergency care professionals’ access to this critical equipment across the United States.

The Warrior line of blood and fluid warmers is known for its unmatched performance as well as low per-use cost compared with all battery-operated modern warmers. Further, the Warrior technology was validated to warm intermittent bolus flows and is aluminum-free. Recently, the compact and light-weight Warrior lite device has been cleared for distribution in the United States. It is currently being used by dozens of agencies, and user feedback has been extremely favorable.

“QinFlow is excited to collaborate with Life-Assist,” said Ariel Katz, QinFlow CEO. “QinFlow and Life-Assist share the same values with respect to delivering equipment that makes a real difference in patient outcomes while providing utmost customer service. Our cooperation therefore marries a trusted technology with a trusted partner, and with the rapid expansion of blood programs across the United States, this is a true win-win for many EMS agencies,” he added.

“Life-Assist is excited to announce our partnership with QinFlow for the mutual goal of improving patient outcomes through the increased awareness and implementation of protocols relating to transfusion of blood and fluids in the field,” said Andy Selby, Vice President of Sales for Life-Assist. “The Warrior line perfectly fits in our product portfolio and provides a great tool for our customers to improve patient care.”

ABOUT Life-Assist

Life-Assist has been supporting First Responders with EMS supplies and equipment since 1977. We pride ourselves on providing a unique customer experience, anyone who calls will always speak with a friendly, knowledgeable Customer Care Specialist and we follow one very basic tenet –the customer always comes first. After 45 years following this philosophy, in July 2022, Life-Assist went one step further, giving its employees a vested interest in serving others by becoming an ESOP company (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).


Since 2009 QinFlow (short for Quality in Flow) has worked to develop and perfect a patented fluid warming technology that delivers unparalleled levels of warming efficiency. The company’s flagship line of products – the Warrior – provides front-end rescue teams, first responders, critical care transport teams, and emergency care professionals with a high performance, simple-to-operate, and completely portable blood and IV fluid warming device that operates flawlessly in all environmental conditions in order to fight hypothermia and improve outcomes. QinFlow Inc. is headquartered in Plano, Texas. For more information on QinFlow and the Warrior modular system, visit www.qinflow.com. For more information regarding this press release, contact us at info@qinflow.com or at www.qinflow.com/contact/.

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