The Warrior line is being used across the entire continuum of care by first responders, ground providers, air medical transports, hospital’s Emergency Departments, Trauma bays, Surgery, and Intensive Care units to warm RBC, whole blood, plasma, and clear fluids. The Warrior line provides unique advantages to these users, which are listed below. When every second counts, the Warrior makes a huge difference:
  1. Unmatched performance, second in delivery rates only to the complex-to-use and highly expensive hospital-based rapid infusers
  2. Immediate warming (within seconds)
  3. Unique ability to address intense intermittent flows generated through push/pull resuscitation techniques
  4. High battery capacity (up to 3.5 liters with a single charge)
  5. Simple to set up, operate and troubleshoot
  6. Fail-safe assembly
  7. Battery and AC operable options for optimal operational fit (stationary and transports settings). It takes a few seconds to switch from one operating mode to the other 
  8. Significantly more economical per-use price compared with all modern field warmers
  9. Single Consumable for all protocols (blood and IV fluids)
  10. Practically zero maintenance (other than charging batteries, where applicable). Inspection every 5 years. No calibration required 
  11. Cutting-edge and mature dry warming technology with tens of thousands of field utilizations
  12. Aluminum free
  13. Air worthy / Safe-to-Fly (portable configurations)
  14. Unique continuum of emergency care proposition: same consumable can be used across the entire continuum of emergency care, simplifying patient handoff between emergency settings and reducing costs. If fully adopted by the health care system, further ROI benefits can be attained by streamlining training efforts, reducing dependency on dedicated staff, reducing spare part inventory, and eliminate monthly service calls and calibration endeavors that some devices require
  15. Highly responsive customer service