Is the system safe to fly?

 All Warrior portable configurations are designed to meet the Safe-To-Fly requirements, including:

Mechanical strength:
1. IEC60601-1-12 sub-clause 10.1.4 “Requirements for mechanical strength for ME EQUIPMENT intended for airborne use”, including drop tests, shock and vibration, mounting accessories tests, and BASIC SAFETY and ESSENTIAL performance validated after each test.
2. Support systems (IEC60601-1 sub-clause 9.8) is done with a tensile factor of 12 (highest suggested value). In this test the systems are installed using their mounting accessory, and weights are tied to it. The total weight is the system’s weight multiplied by the tensile factor (twelve G).
3. Shock test is done with the requirements in IEC60601-1-12 table 21 according to the “Airborne ME EQUIPMENT and mounting ACCESSORIES” classification. In this classification, the system and mounting accessory were tested for shock under the following conditions:
• Repetition: 3 shocks per direction per axis (18 total)
• Peak acceleration: 300 m/s2 (30G)
• Duration: 6ms
4. Certified for RTCA / DO 160G, Categories S and U addressing sinusoidal and random vibration (voluntarily).

The Warrior lite has been tested against the following EMI / EMC requirements:
5. Certified for IEC60601-1-2:2014 (4th Edition)
6. Certified for RTCA / DO 160G, section 21, category M (voluntarily)
7. Compliant with Military Standard 461G Radiated Emission (RE) 102 and Radiated Susceptibility (RS) 103 (voluntarily)

Additional Environmental Certifications:
8. As part of the IEC60601-1-12, the Warrior line has been certified to operate in Atmospheric Pressure of 549 to 1,060 hPa and altitude of -400 to 4,572 meters (-1312 to 15,000 ft).