What is the device performance with rapid intermittent (bolus) flows?

Intermittent (bolus) flow devices
In many instances, and especially for the sickest patients, emergency teams may apply the intermittent flow-inducing methods to accelerate the flow of blood/fluids to patients, control the volume (e.g. as typical for pediatric patients), or both. Popular intermittent flow methods include the “push-pull” method, hand pump, and LifeFlow® PLUS. All these methods generate rapid flows that are delivered intermittently; that is, a fast pulse of high flow followed by short period of no-flow (in which the device is reloaded with blood/fluid), and so on, until the transfusion ends.

The market gap:
Designed primarily to warm constant flows delivered by gravity, pressure bags, or electro-mechanical pumps, prevailing warmers cannot warm fluids/blood delivered intermittently, in rapid flows. In some cases, the cassette may even break due to the elevated pressure. Consequently, your sickest patients may receive cold blood/fluids.

How well will the system perform?
All new Warrior solutions include tightened performance specifications, designed to effectively warm rapid intermittent flows. Restrictions apply; please contact us for details.